The Creator Of SavvyLuxe

Gwendolyn Hodges

Photo credit: daughter. Taken: with my IPHONE

Photo credit: daughter. Taken: with my IPHONE

Hello!  I am the original creator and business owner of "savvy luxe".

I created "savvy luxe" in "2005" while attempting to design my own women's fashion label.  In "2006" I created "" a women's online boutique.  By "2007" became a brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta, Ga.  Due to the recession, "savvy luxe" closed it's doors in "2009" but continued to thrive as a stylist business.  Today "savvy luxe" is a BLOG!  A BLOG with soooo many hopes and dreams of reinventing itself!  I passionately enjoy creativity!  I feel alive when I create.  STYLE for me is individual, like a fingerprint.  STYLE is personal for everyone.  The "savvy luxe" BLOG will be a collection of my personal opinion of my own style. This would include fashion, of course; food, traveling on occasion and my need to always decorate a space. LOL!!!

My background in fashion started as a kid.  My family own 3 boutiques in 2 different  states.  The first one was in Florida on the beach.  That store was based solely on beach wear and everything that applied.  The other 2 stores were in Texas.  Those stores were strictly for the fashion set.  My mother was the buyer and owner.  She focused on brands like Anna Sui, Mercedes and Adriene, Evan Piccone and sooo  many more.  These names were just a few big fashion brands of the 80's!!!  I spent a lot of hours working for our family business and I learned even more.  

I am excited about new readers with a mutual respect for STYLE!!!