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The Store

Savvy Luxe (the store) is coming back. Back to our roots; on-line…


“2004” I began the efforts to create a store. I filed the business name in “2005”, in the State of Florida, where I lived at that time. I created a website store on my own with no on-line experience. I registered my store as and began to shop for my on-line store by traveling from Fl. to Atlanta, Ga. during market seasons. I had no idea what I was doing on-line and I could not afford anything. My on-line store did horribly. Not even my family shopped my store. LOL!


My original reason for my boutique came from a strong desire to start a fashion line. I really needed seed money which I didn’t have. I didn’t have seed money to start a boutique either. My mother-in-law reminded me of my background growing up as the daughter of a very successful boutique owner, my mother. Turns out my in-laws were willing to give me seed money for a full-on store front but not a clothing label. LOL!!! I was extremely grateful and had high hopes that I would find the seed money within the store front’s success. I envisioned my own small capsule collection with my name on it, while conveniently having a storefront to display and introduce my brand to the world.


Notice the sign/logo of my store hanging above. I absolutely loved my logo. Designing my logo was so satisfying. I still have every letter of my store’s sign.

This location is our second build-out. Our first location was not everything that we expected or was sold on. This store front is in Lawrenceville, Ga. A suburb of Atlanta, Ga. We moved to this area from Florida in hopes of a successful business and a great education for the remaining kids at home. I had 1 child away in college. Unfortunately, the recession of 2008/9 devoured my seed money and I had to shut the doors to savvy luxe; brick and mortar and on-line. I wish that I could have maintained the website.




LOL!!! This is my free-hand drawing of an interpretation of myself. I used this drawing on my business cards and on my receipts. I was so pleased with myself. I handed this business card out everywhere! One day I was going through one of my favorite magazines and in the very back of the magazine where you can find other small business owners and trends, was my drawing on someone else’s business card. The girls head was completely different than mine but everything else was exactly the same!!! LOL!, even her business name was on the bag where I slipped in my website;, she also placed her logo along the side of her card , just like mine, lol!!!

I was oddly flattered and annoyed!

I am currently exploring ways to reopen savvy luxe on-line. I have learned a lot over the years, especially about myself. I want to make Savvy Luxe on-line a fun experience. I am looking forward to the opportunity. Savvy Luxe is a women’s boutique. Clothing. Shoes. Jewelry and hopefully more over time.

Please stay tuned…

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