"FALL LAUNCH" - SavvyLuxe


This particular launch is mostly basics with a bit of casual chic and multi-flexible options to dress up or down. This denim romper offers multiple options.  This romper can be worn during the spring and summer months as well as the fall and winter months.  The accessories will determine the season and your mood.
I love wearing dresses.  But I also love the flexibility of wearing a dress with heels, combat boots or sneakers. 
This dress is my example of easy casual chic.  This dress is feminine and a bit precious.  I enjoy the juxtaposition of chunky shoes and a bomber jacket.  But I also plan on wearing flip-flops with this dress when the weather allows. 
Lounge-wear is still very present in our wardrobes.  As so many of us are still working from home, we want and need updated lounge-wear. The dolman sleeve and slightly cropped top in this 2 piece is so comfortable on the skin. The knitting/yarn feels luxurious, warm and cozy.  The skirt hugs the body and has a back split.  Total comfort!
I love fashion.  I also like fashion that will stand the test of TRENDS!  I curate with longevity in my thought process. I also think about multiple seasons and flexible ideas to express one outfit.  I love that my 18 year old daughter can shop in my closet and choose something that I bought and wore before she was born. As a buyer I also think about cost and investment. My aesthetic is fashion basics with an edge. For example I want to know that everything in my closet can work well together. I am a huge fan of fit, fabric, cut, and cost. I want the SAVVY LUXE customer to know what they are buying and what to expect. Here is where I hope to share and explore more about the SAVVY LUXE BRAND  

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