College Tour

UCLA bound

Last week included a 2 hour tour at UCLA. This was an exciting tour. Destiny has been dreaming about UCLA since I told her about colleges as a very little girl. I am constantly sharing with her, details of my life and the visions that I saw growing up in New York. As her mother, I try very hard to inform her of as many possibilities as possible. I was afford a host of amazing moments. Moments that I learned were not the norm or average lifestyle of a kid in my generation. Especially a black girl. I try to show her everything I can. I like to believe that I am following the instruction of the Holy Spirit, delivering details that I couldn’t humanly possibly remember to show-and-tell her.

The experience was amazing. She beamed with excitement of the stories being told about everything that UCLA had to offer. I could see her picturing her life here walking the grounds of UCLA. She really came to life whenever her chosen departments were visited and discussed. Our tour guide was perfect. She echoed the sentiment of Destiny. She was perfect to show our group around. Our tour guide had a wealth of information and was beaming with tiny details. She made her visions of UCLA relatable and fun.

UCLA FTF School of  Film and TELEVISION

UCLA FTF School of Film and TELEVISION

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We absolutely love Ava DuVernay, an American filmmaker.

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Destiny had a great time. Her dad and I were so pleased with the tour and the wealth of information. We are so hopeful and excited for her goals and dreams. She continues to be a light in our eyes. I am so proud of this human. Again, I say Thank You, Lord!!!

Stay tuned. There is a vlog underway with video footage of our tour. I was so excited and there was so much to take in that I forgot to take pics. LOL!