Buy, Sell Apps

Selling Your Gently Used Fashions!

Back in the day, I would have a fashion swap party or a trunk show at my house, or at my boutique, Savvy Luxe. Now-a-days everything is done via social media. I really miss the real-time, face-to-face, social contact of getting together and making new friends. Apps that have a social media vibe have stepped-in with hopes of keeping life convenient; however the convenience has created a laziness and removed the joy of getting together for all-things FASHION!

I don’t mind using these Apps, if they work; occasionally, but are apps such as POSHMARK, DEPOP, Mercari, Vinted and LetGo, just to name a few; the only way to go when selling our gently used fashions? Are the days of having fashion parties a thing of the past? And let’s not forget the good ole fashion reconsignment stores! Clearly, I am very late to this party. I’m aware that I can still use fashion as a way to have a party, and yes, perhaps I could be slightly bitter about the fact that I am to blame for my brain fog. But no more!!! Thanks to my brilliant child, I am paying attention now.

Destiny has joined in on the craze. LOL!!! She and I have worked on the idea of selling a few things from her closet for the last week. We have discussed the details of using one of these apps. We are giving PoshMark a trial go at it. This new PoshMark page is literally 25min. old during the writing of this post. She already has 21 followers and before she sent me this pic to use for this blogpost she’d already received a few shares! “WORD OF MOUTH” ?! WOW! Loving it already!


I admit that I am excited to see the results of this particular app. But for Destiny she has expressed sensitive feelings about parting with her things. But I think that when she makes her first sale, she will be cured of those feelings! LOL!


Have you guys seen the commercials for PoshMark on TV? Are you all aware of the news and success of this particular app? After doing our homework, we settled on this app, and I am hoping for a great experience!

A different app that originally caught Destiny’s eye…

Who uses PoshMark or any buy and sell app? Please share your experiences with us here. I would love feedback on what to expect and what to look out for.