Calling Cards…

I call headshots, calling cards. I’m sure that I did not come up with this phrase myself, but I use the phrase relentlessly. Headshots are vital to actors. Because of the importance of a good headshot, it is necessary to have as many photos (headshots) and variations of photos showing as much of your personality as possible. This current headshot is Destiny’s second headshot this year.

Headshots should also include your resume…

Resume- begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption. LOL! Actors are constantly starting new projects.

An actors resume exist to not only show off your experience and past work but also your education and acting classes you’ve taken, physical stats and any other special skills’ you might have. Even if you have no experience, don’t worry. Your resume is something that your agents or managers can help you with. It is in everyones vested interest to make sure you have a proper headshot and resume. Again, a great headshot and resume is vital. This is why it is considered a calling card. You want to receive calls and callbacks, right?! Resumes are generally laid out on the back of each headshot.

Parents, I have learned that younger kids should probably update headshots frequently through out a year. As you already know, kids change daily. From missing teeth to braces. From haircut to haircut. From one school year picture to the next school year. When talent (your child or yourself) is not yet working and tear sheets (from ads and/or commercial print) or tv content is not steady, new headshots should be on the ready. Staying trained and relevant and in the minds of agents; casting directors, producers and managers in the entertainment business is one of my many jobs; for my daughter. She is constantly keeping me on my toes about her dreams. She seems to enjoy acting and story telling! She seems to mean what she says about who she is and what she wants to accomplish; sooo, we keep plugging away.

This recent headshot is for an upcoming showcase. This particular showcase is through her acting school. More details to come.


These photos are untouched, however the first photo is the chosen photo for this photo shoot. I have a copy of the touched-up headshot. Due to the photographers “touch-up” process I am unable to use the completed headshot for my blog. The photo appears too blurry.