What A WEEK!

Agency Interviews…

Last week was busy. Destiny and I were running around so much that I almost ran out of gas on the 101 HWY!!! WHEW!!! Got to be more careful! Last week was good and continues this week. So far, Destiny received an agency offer from one of 3 interviews. We had a second interview the following day and we are waiting for a response. Still waiting for an email from the third agency to schedule an interview. The other two agencies are waiting for us to finish interviewing to make our final decision. I will keep you updated with what we learn and if I can share the list of agencies that attended the showcase that Destiny was a part of. We ended Saturday with an amazing and informative class with “Bonnie Wallace”. The mother of “Dove Cameron” one of the stars of “Descendants”

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Parents; if you are trying to learn the true stats of the people you need and want to work with in this industry; you need to join IMDbPro. The first 30 days are free, and then $12 a month. If you find that the individuals you talk to haven’t helped anyone (talent) in 10 yrs.; take a pause. This industry responds to A-list and B-list. You can check agencies, managers, acting schools, acting teachers and coaches etc.

Destiny and I received confirmation of the process and the path that we are traveling. We also learned a few more tidbits. This 90 minute class cost $40. The best $40 I ever spent!!!


Parents; Make sure that you find a good acting school that will be in the position to put your child in front of the right agencies by way of a Showcase.

Acting school recommendations: Bonnie suggest Zak Barnett and Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, also referred to as AMAW Los Angeles. There are multiple locations. Go on-line and search. Destiny just finished a showcase with Bobby Gene’s Actors Clubhouse


Parents; Make sure your credentials are in order; passports, work permits, coogan accounts (Wells Fargo) is where we have ours. We’ve had this account since “2013”

Open a separate account for you and your child that is only for your child’s business. Keep what your child earns separate from your personal account. This is vital! It is important to keep good records and not spend the earnings before you check every box that you owe first.

Example: Taxes, Agencies percentages (10-20%) Managers percentages, entertainment lawyer and a minimal of 15% but always lean towards more than the required 15% to the coogan account. Sometimes your child might have less than half of the paycheck earned. Keeping good records will help explain where the dollars went. I make my daughter apart of the process so that she learns the business of the entertainment industry. She plays a huge roll in how the dues are paid. This is very important for me as a mother to make sure she is learning to take care of herself and learning to run her own business.


Parents; secure your childs .com For example: Your childs name or stage name.com Visit GODADDY $12 a year.

TIP: make sure you pay the extra $10 to auto renew.


Parents; Be prepared to look into an LLC for your child’s business as a working child actor. Once your children earn approximately $20 thousand dollars a year you will need to secure certain tax right-offs. Ask your entertainment Lawyers and your accounts the best way to go about this process to protect you and your young talent. Your team should be preparing for this action as work develops.


Parent: find a trusted accountant.


Parents; don’t worry too much about an entertainment lawyer right away. A lawyer will come in handy when larger job earning contracts come into play. You will want a lawyer on hand at that time for signing. Do your research for the future.


Parents; make sure you and your young talent are building a beautiful team. A team that has the same vision that you have for your child’s passion and vision.

Parent; Be diligent and vigilant!!!



Destiny Hodges

Destiny Hodges


Stay tuned!…

I will try to post a VLOG of last weeks adventures before the end of business on Monday, August 26. Unfortunately I do not have any video of almost running out of gas. LOL!!!

Make sure to checkout Bonnie Wallaces’ website, podcast, instagram and all of her books on amazon