Good morning!!!

Happy Sunday Breakfast. I woke early to prepare a dutch baby (pancake) breakfast with all the fix-ins!!!

I served sautéed veggies, sausage, a fresh hot pot of coffee and a beautiful dutch baby creation that was sooo satisfying! I topped my beauty with fresh blueberries and fresh sliced strawberries. It was a delight.


I found this recipe through William Sonoma, (make sure to scroll to the bottom for the photo and link) I was directly linked to Modern Crumb who apparently makes this dish often! Her Blog is a great source that I have bookmarked for easy access and reference. She has several versions of the dutch baby (pancake) to experiment with. Make sure to check-out her page for details and clear instructions. This was so easy to make and prep time was minimal.


Watching the sides puff and grow was my cue that I was on the road to success!

I was so worried that I would waste my ingredients. Make sure to follow the instructions fully. I read the entire post from Modern Crumb before shopping for specific ingredients and before starting my oven. There is a tip of a lesson learned that confirms the importance of reading first, LOL!!! NO PRESSURE! LOL!!!


A tip from my own experience…

I will allow for more oven time after the sides are securely puffed for a bit of a browner finish. I loved the out come but, I felt that my Dutch Baby could have stayed in a few minutes longer.

Brands I Used:

  1. Birch Benders, pancake and waffle mix “Plant Protein” made with Whole Grains; purchased from either Sprouts or Whole Foods. This brand has a huge selection of options. I used this product for my flour mix instead of all-purpose flour.

  2. Vital Farm Eggs. Now found at most grocery stores. This batch purchased at Sprouts.

  3. Kerry Gold Butter. I fluctuate between this butter, Ghee and Vital farms butter.

  4. Oatly Oat Milk. I was pleasantly surprised to find this milk at Target, especially since Sprouts near me does not sell this. And my nearest Whole Foods was not convenient. I also like

  5. Califia Farms, another favorite for milk. It is nice to know that Target also carries these brands.

  6. VOX vanilla ground bean. Vox has a full selection of seasonings. I am a package junkie and I appreciate the little tin can. This ground vanilla bean last for such a long time. I realized, that I can bake more often with this ground vanilla bean as opposed to vanilla extract. I’m always running out of vanilla extract. When I use vanilla extract, it’s usually something on sale at Whole Foods. Vox is my preference. The quality is always fresh and always performs well for baking. I now use Vox Vanilla bean when making cashew milk and most baking dishes. The Vox brand was brought to my attention by Scout The City. She usually demonstrates her food choices and lifestyle on her Vlogs also called Scout The City on YouTube. Go check her out. You’ll like her too.

  7. sugar; I simply scooped a tsp. worth from the bulk section of Sprouts. I don’t keep sugar in my home. I keep honey, dates and date syrup on hand for sweetening; usually for hot drinks. The powdered sugar I used this morning was a Sprout brand. I had to check the date stamped. I apparently purchased it last holidays. LOL! And last but not least…

  8. Himalayan Pink salt.