Preparing to celebrate Destiny’s sweet 16…

My daughter is growing up and she is such a wonderful young lady! I am so proud to be her mother. She has been a joy to raise. She has taught me so much about myself and my girlhood. She has unknowingly reminded me that I was and still is, a pretty cool girl too! I like who I am as her mother. I have learned so much more about myself while helping her to explore her journey. I look forward to continuing along the path as our relationship grows together but will undoubtedly grow differently. I hope that the day she decides to become a mother, she will think of me and I will be there to help her along the way. This is such a HUGE milestone for me as a mom. It is another chapter to embark on. It is a new beginning! It is preparing yourself and your child for the next level. ADULTHOOD!!! She is my 4th sweet 16 and it never gets easy!


Destiny is a girly girl and she wants a girly party for her big day…

for example…

She wants an arrangement of balloons to look something like this!!! This one is from Wild Child

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 4.50.04 PM 2.png

She has 2 cakes in mind for the weekend ahead. She is celebrating in a small way with family and friends on the day of her birthday, Saturday July 27th. with a small cake for a few family members flying into town this week and a pool party on Sunday. Saturday is a work day for ms. Destiny who is preparing for a big showcase.

Here are a couple of cake ideas for Saturday…


In the meantime my living room and dining room are party central for gathering party items…


I found this pool floaty on Amazon I paid $21-ish. There are so many to choose from. Make sure you pay attention to measurements and be sure to type in adult size. Also: The prices vary, so be very thoughtful about your purchases. For example; my husband found this flamingo for $16 on amazon but the very same flamingo is sold on Amazon by a different vendor for $64.

Happy shopping!!!

A few other party items…


Stay tuned for this weeks vlog which hopefully will include BTS of party set up and party fun.