Here’s What I’m Using Now…

Okay, so, this is how I try to work my favorites into my budget. I have switched my face oil, moisturizer and beauty water (Micellar Water) to a new price point. Sooo, the last time I mentioned my beauty products, I was using Sunday Riley, (one of my favorites) I absolutely love the C.E.O. Vitamin C Brightening Serum. But, I paid $85 for one beauty product. Now, I don’t have a problem with the price point of this item because I really believe in the product and I like what it does for my skin. But, this splurge only happens when I only need one missing (ran-out-of) beauty item at a time. This is how I justify my splurges. Beauty products being so costly I have to stagger my splurges and use alternative and equally respected brands that I like a lot. For example; I hate when every beauty item runs out at once. This makes me crazy. This is such a big shopping spree on just beauty products that are needed all at one time. This particular shopping experience is not a fun casual strolling shopping experience. This is an emergency shopping experience and a total cash-out of roughly $300. My splurges sit on the back burner until I play catch-up and remember to be grateful that I can buy any beauty products at all. I also love the C.E.O. GLOW vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil by Sunday Riley. This item retails for $40.

So in the meantime I remember my blessings and enjoy exploring other equally great beauty brands and discover new products that are good to my skin. Besides, not every beauty product that I love is so costly.

For example; the “Beauty Water” that I loved so much has left the building! YES!!! Sephora has stopped carrying the product in-store. It is now an online purchase only. This made me sad. However, I did order this item through “Sephora” and it took a week to receive it in the mail. SO, I switched to something else. I mean really, there are simply too many micellar waters on the market to find yourself stubborn and hooked on just one. And as long as I have worn make-up and needed to nurture my skin; I have learned that brands will switch things up on you with a quickness! This sista moved-on!!! And I have been introduced to NARS skin ya’ll!!! Who knew?!

NARS  skin at  Nordstrom

NARS skin at Nordstrom

So, I went shopping for a Micellar and was introduced to this beauty. It is apparently in demand because the first Nordstrom that I stopped by was out of the product and so was the second Nordstrom. Finally I got my hands on a bottle and so far so good! The consistency is like a gel. A watery gel. It is cooling and removes excess make-up and cleansing residue. The price point was $26

This is one of my go to brands for skin care. I usually fluctuate between this moisturizer and others that I like to keep on hand for moisture and hydration. The vitamin C formula is my norm but this was highly recommended for intense hydration.

I am a package junkie for those of you new to I love the packaging for this brand. I wanted to try something from the brand and this beauty shopping moment was perfect timing to try something new. I have used the face oil for a few days now and so far so good. It works well on my skin and somehow last through the night. I wake up with a glistening glow from the oil. Sorta-like “Sunday Riley”, I’m just saying?…

FARMACY at  Sephora

FARMACY at Sephora

Another brand that I wanted to try…

So, I decided to start with a cleansing balm. This balm is the bomb!!! It is so soft and easy to waste if you are not mindful. It also comes with a spatula to keep the product free of contamination. It glides on so smoothly and melts away any stubborn make-up including lash glue. Lashes simply slide off with out tugging on your natural lashes. A little warm water on your hands and this product turns into a creamy cleanser. So, lets recap. 1st it comes with a spatula, 2nd its an oil and make-up melts; and 3rd it’s a creamy cleanser. What else would you want from a cleansing balm?!!! I usually follow up any oil cleanser with a separate cleanser.

GO GET IT!!! At Sephora

A few face  masks  by FARMACY. I haven’t tried them yet. I only buy hydrating face masks.

A few face masks by FARMACY. I haven’t tried them yet. I only buy hydrating face masks.