On Hold

Back To Business…

Although the celebration of Mother’s Day has passed for the year, everyday is mother’s day. A mother’s job is never done. We are back to the grind and Destiny, my daughter is placed on hold for a background job; possible booking. This booking is through one of the casting agencies that I shared with you in an April blogpost. This is only a hold. This is not a booking, folks. Stay calm. Don’t go spreading the word and bragging on your kids booking. A HOLD is NOT a BOOKING! LOL! Besides a background booking should only be a temporary plan in your child’s future for his or her acting career. Background work is great for experience on set and potentially earning a SAG and HMDb credit. < Check out the link.

Currently one of the casting agencies that we signed up to book background work, has sent me a text asking about Destiny’s availability for a specific upcoming date. This means that if I agree to availability I can not schedule another ready to book job on that date. This, is a hold! This means that you are in waiting. This means that the casting-director for this project likes you enough to book you if something else doesn’t come along. Or this could mean that your look is in plenty and the original choice may have had a scheduling conflict or took ill. There are a plethora of reasons. You are not the 1st choice. LOL! Thick skin is required for this business, folks! Usually we don’t book holds. It happens often enough that I don’t bother Destiny about the holds. We simply go on with our day-to-day, prepared; but not holding our breathe.

What are you doing to continue your grind and obtaining your goals?