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PJ’s for Mothers Day

Last minute gift ideas…

Moms need all of the rest that we can get. A good nights sleep keeps you young, and is the ultimate ingredient to beauty. A good nights sleep also keeps a body heathy. So, why not gift mom with comfy fashionable sleepwear.

So many comfortable pajama shorts to choose from. I find these particular PJ”s to be sexy as well as comfortable. Short sleeve, long sleeve and tanks. A collection of pajama shorts to choose from will allow mom to be prepared and flexible for most of the weather changes during the spring and fall months.

How cool are these PJ’s?! I simply love pajamas and lounge wear! There are so many price points and current steals and deals available for “Mothers Day”. Get out there and shop for mom or pamper yourself and take advantage of DEALS today.

Traditional pajamas…

I wore this style of pjs my entire childhood. LOL!!! My traditional style pjs were flannel. I grew-up on the EastCoast and the winters were brutal! But the style never left me. I kept this style going for my babies and for myself. When I was a kid I called this particular style of pjs the “I Love Lucy PJs or the “Lucile Ball PJs”. LOL!!! My!; how things have changed!

A Few Sleep Accessories…

A satin or silk pillowcase is a must for the natural kinky/coily hair girls and is so helpful for the skin on our face and necks. The slippery fabric keeps our hair from drying out and allows us to avoid friction which can cause breakage for our hair. Likewise the smooth fabric does not completely drink-up and dry-out all of our layers of applied beauty products on our faces and necks and can aide in prolonging the appearance of wrinkles.

Great Gifts For Mom that She will love!