A Driven Daughter…

I am a passionate person. I only do what I love and believe in. Nothing in-between!

SAVVY LUXE has narrowed her focus. I have been doing what most women do, especially moms and wives. I have been juggling. I am now primarily focusing on my DRIVEN daughter. This decision is vital if I am going to help her successfully achieve her dreams. Of course we will be doing all of this with a savvy luxe mindset!!! LOL!

If I am being completely honest; I have treated my task of running my daughter around to accomplish her interests and dreams, much like most parents with a schedule and routine. IT simply became an added line item to my schedule and routine. As you well know, doing life with a full family is a juggling process. Juggling with savvy style became my focus of achievement. Wrong focus, wrong achievements. At the end of each day, I felt blessed and relieved when everyone was safely at home and in their beds. I count these moments all joy! But I have learned over the years that if you want to succeed more than survive you must specialize, focus and narrow down one specific thing at a time. I find that this is the recipe towards expertise.

“ Working on Becoming an EXPERT”! Hmm!!!? What a great book someday…

I am blessed with multiple TALENTS! This is a BLESSING and a FLAW! The flaw is becoming a “JACK OF AL TRADES”. This is not flattering. This means that I have not focused on any one thing to specialize.

GUILT: I suffer from the guilt of not being everything to everyone. I used to be!!! But; this is not a gift to your families folks, because no one can keep up with that pace. When you run out of everything THEY need and want, it is painful for YOU and THEM! I am so sorry if I caused false expectations!!! I didn’t know that this would happen. I was being myself. I loved the home and family life that I created for my little people. I did not feel like I was working hard for my family. I found my life as a mom to be wonderful and fulfilling. But THEY out-grow you. And that is okay! I expect growth. I love growth. But, there is a lazy quality that was developing in my older children when I wasn’t looking close enough. I was so busy catering and teaching that I didn’t notice a deficit. I believe I DID/DO a great job. I know that the foundation is SET and STRONG! The rest is on the adult children to use what they have been taught. I am available to them upon request.

MY specialized attention is now FOCUED on the last one to leave home. MY daughter!!! This is fulfilling to me! I absolutely love helping her achieve her interest and her dreams. I love growing and building from scratch. We have worked on her passions for the entertainment business since she was 9yrs. old. We moved to LA. for our daughter. This decision was made to ensure that she got the best chance possible to reach her goals. Since we are 6-7 years in, I feel safe and sure enough about a few things in this business to share with others. I am now willing as much as possible to share everything that I’ve learned and continue to learn as I go.

SAVVY LUXE will continue to live savvy during this journey. We will shift the focus on the behind-the-scenes moments of my daughters struggles to achieving her dreams and what really goes on and what I really do day-to-day and why I have to exercise and try to eat well. It is important to maintain stability and healthy living during this or any journey. I am still me, so feeling my best and looking my best is part of my heartbeat.

Thank you for watching and going along with us during this process. I look forward to answering any questions and offering any frail advice as I learn more myself.

For any future moms juggling in the same way, I look forward to hearing from you too. A healthy support system is vital.

Stay Tuned…


9 years old…


One of a few comp-cards. This card was done by one of Wilhelmina Modeling Agency’s photogs. This was done on the East Coast.