The Right Acting School...

Very Important…

This process is vital and difficult. Finding a good acting school is harder than I planned. We have experienced a few acting schools that also book jobs. Most schools end very late at night. Personally I have to be strategic about this time line. I prefer to attend classes during the day. This is safer for drive time among other things. Los Angeles is no joke. Be careful moms. I have been blessed to receive a list of great acting teachers associated with and recognized by the entertainment industry. Coaches, Cold reading, Audition Technique, Comedy/Improv, Mental Prep, Scene Study, Young Talent, Private coaching etc…

A few from my list:

  1. Simply Acting (This is one our favorites for techniques)

  2. Acme Comedy Workshop (Comedy/Improv)

  3. How To Win The Job

  4. Scene Study

  5. Young Talent

I hope this list helps. Please do your research parents and guardians. “Simply Acting” is my 1st preference but, I personally struggle with the late night classes. Classes are 3 hours with a break for dinner and ends at 11pm. I am not a good night driver. We are currently searching for another great school that is available during the daylight hours. As of late, we have visited Zak Barnett Studio; and we are planning a visit to a new option. I will let you know what we come up with.

Also, acting schools are not cheap, for example Zak Barnett is $600-ish to register and an additional $300-ish? a month?! I’ve visited so many acting schools that I am a bit off on the exact quotes, but you can certainly go online to the websites that I have listed and research for yourselves. Just know that this is the range of cost. “Simply Acting” only asked for the first months payment upfront, $350 a month. I really like this school and Destiny likes the techniques. The studio is laid out in such a way to accommodate multiple acting techniques and multiple activities for kids to express and build scenes. The teacher is Andrew Magarian. Google him. He is responsible for a lot of very familiar talent. Raven Simone comes to mind. But, the list of so many other actors/actresses that he has helped and continues to help is long and is available online the moment you google Andrews name.

Again I will keep you up-to-date as I continue on this journey…

Stay tuned


Destiny preparing a taped audition at Take 2 acting studios in Nevada.


Destiny and a few other driven children at Take 2 Performers Studio/Tru Talent Agency


Destiny: prepping for a huge event showcasing talent of all ages