30 Minutes A Day...

Treat Yourself

I love working out!!! I have been out of practice and out of sorts for longer than I care to admit. I’ve done little things here and there but nothing close to the workout regimens of old…

I had a car accident in “2007” I walked away with little to no injuries; or so I thought. A year after my car accident I started experiencing shoulder and neck pain on my right side. Multiple Dr. appointments later I learned that I have a degenerative condition in my neck and most likely my spine. I’m told that the car accident irritated my situation and because of my healthy lifestyle; had I never been involved in a car accident I would have never known.

DEGENERATIVE: Adjective of a disease or symptom characterized by progressive, often irreversible deterioration, and loss of function in the organs or tissues.

Currently: Living my life like it’s GOLDEN!!! I have unconsciously been wallowing in pity. I have had a few of life’s troubles bother me and knock me off of my GAME. Needless to say; I’ve been distracted!!! But I made a conscious choice to interrupt all distractions. I decided to focus on me and I chose a word to use as a focal point to each day. For this year, 2019 the word that I chose to focus on is INTENTIONAL!!!

INTENTIONAL: Adjective done on purpose; deliberate.

Present Day: I am purposely choosing me. I have managed to find a workout regimen that I love and God Himself directed me to a specific kickboxing gym that is just right for my situation. It takes 30 minutes a session to whip my ARSS!!! LOL!!! I drip with SWEAT. I PANT for air. I LIFT with caution and PUNCH and KICK with purpose, clarity and TECHNIQUE! I AM IN-LOVE!!! LOL!!! This is my PLACE. LOL, LOL, LOL!!! And Steven and Mark are my PEOPLE!!! LOL, LOL!!! I feel alive! I look forward to going to 9Round gym every morning. I take Saturdays and Sundays off. I have lost weight and still losing, but most importantly I feel strong in my body and my joints ache less and less each consistent day that I INTENTIONALLY choose me.


1st I wrap my hands for protection, and then I stretch.




Boxing Gloves


The look on my face, LOL!…


What do you do for YOU?!!! Let me know. I’d love to hear about the great ways you choose to take care of YOU!