Travel Makeup Bag

Makeup Must-Haves


Being organized while traveling is a must.  For the past month, I have talked about travel essentials and my need to organize and compartmentalize everything in my life.  Personally, I love functional gadgets.  A good travel makeup bag falls into my gadget category.  Lots of pockets and zippers, snaps and velcro pockets. Look for a great bag that can hold all of your travel makeup needs.  My makeup travel bag holds everything that I carry for my travels and fits nicely in my carry-on.  




My bag zips open like a book.  I like this feature because of easy access.  Inside of this particular bag are compartments.  Everything has a place with this bag.  I purchased this makeup bag at Sephora 2 years ago but saw it again still in sales rotation at my Sephora just a few weeks ago.  This bag is a staple in my opinion and I wouldn't be surprised if it's also a top seller.  I think I paid $20? This bag reminds me of the highly coveted "Bobbi Brown" make up bag.  Her bag was on the shelves of fine department stores for a limited time several Christmas' ago and it went like hot cakes.  The case was a bit hard shell and had such a beautiful lining (champagne) satin?  I believe the outer cover is leather. The "Bobbi Brown" bag opened up the same way and had similar compartments and features. The price point was $250 I have inquired that bags return for a while in hopes of snagging one for myself as a Christmas gift. I first discovered this bag on the "Chriselle Lim" YOUTUBE channel.  She demonstrated the use and ease and functionality of her bag.  I was hooked!  I searched and searched for a while even contacting "Bobbi Brown" the company seeking help.  And so, I found a great alternative and I have been pleased.

 I still want "Bobbi Browns" version one day.  Maybe she'll do an anniversary release?  Has it been 10 years yet? I'll have to check. I was considering inserting the "Bobbi Brown" version here but I'll put it up on my stories or post it in my gallery under GOALS.    


This mesh bag is great for small and misc. items and velcros in the center of the "zip around" makeup bag.


This is my makeup brush bag.  I've had this bag for years.  This bag keeps my brushes together organized and allows me to carry every brush that I may or may not need.


The clear pouches are covers that generally come with each makeup brush, I keep them for individual purposes.  Sometimes I may need to carry a makeup brush in an evening bag and this keeps my purses clean of makeup residue.  I travel with these clear pouches in the side zipper; because you never know.


I store my brushes flat in a drawer away from air and heat vents and particles that circulate in any room especially a bathroom where most people apply makeup.


My daily makeup bag.  This bag is generally with me inside of whatever bag I'm carring daily.  I only carry the necessary items needed for daily use.


Inside my everyday makeup bag.

1. a lip pencil (usually just the one based on the lip color of the day)

2. a lip color

3. makeup pencil sharpener

4. Lip balm (Carmex)

5. compact and brush (not shown)

6. chopstick helpers (usually for the kids) The kids have learned to use them. Now, these are for my husband.

7. Brow pencil with a spoolie By Marc Jacobs Beauty.   


Incase you wanted to know...


And the color "vino" (not shown)

What are your makeup travel tips?  I would love to hear from you and learn more about what I should consider adding to my travel tips.