Happy Memorial Day

Pizza On The Grill


Destiny wanted to put pizza dough on the grill.  I agreed.  Something not commonly thought of on the grill.  Especially if it's not a theme.  And especially not for Memorial Day.  For the carnivorous bunch, I made sure to have the usual; burgers, chicken, and salmon. LOL! SORRY but, NO hot dogs on my grill or in my house.  This year was another year grilling at home.  We kept things very simple and easy...   


The dough!  This dough was purchased from Whole Foods.  


Chicken and Slider size turkey burgers.


Salmon and slider size turkey burgers


Rolled out dough ready for the grill.  I drizzled my favorite oil By "Chosen Foods" avocado oil over the top of the dough before placing on the grill.  This helped with sticking issues.  


We added marinara or pesto on our pizza crust and the sky was the limit.  I have no pics of the finished product.  My family members devoured their meals.  I missed a lot of photo ops!  LOL!  I'm not sure if it was hunger or great anticipation.  

IMG_5928 copy.jpg

This photo and inspiration are from ambitiouskitchen.com  Another one of my favorite cookbooks.  Add this page to your desktop for easy access.  How brilliant is this idea to use Sweet potato slices as the bun in place of bread!  I loved it.  SORRY! LOL!  no pics of my own.  This is her pesto and sweet potato turkey burger.  Y.U.M.  I hope that you all try ambitiouskitchen.com