Travel Size

Travel Size

Make-up and Toiletries  Part 1


Traveling keeps me connected and alive. Of course, this is based on traveling for pleasure.  I thoroughly enjoy having somewhere to go even if it's a stay-cation.  My grandmother used to call this desire to always be on the go; "Running The Streets" LOL!   I enjoy preparing for a trip especially while collecting my travel essentials; a goodie bag full of my favorite beauty products in miniature sizes.  Organizing is a favorite past-time of mine. Finding cool items to make my trip flow easy and comfortable.  This would include gadgets like packing cubes, travel steamers and TSA approved healthy travel snacks just to name a few things.  Today's post is all about beauty products in miniature sizes     


Tatcha cleanser and moisturizer.  A huge fan fave and a huge member of the k-beauty world.


My favorite fragrance since "2009"?  "Chloe"


One of my preferred "Essences"  "MayCoop"


I am traveling to a very humid climate and a mask to deep clean at least once while I'm on vacay is a must. "GlamGlow"


Another favorite. "OleHenriksen"  replenish your skin after a mud mask with a serum with vitamin C and extra moisturizer and seal with a Night treat like this night gel. 


I use this vitamin C serum at night.  This serum requires special attention with SPF.  Just to be safe I prefer to apply this particular serum before bed.  "Sunday Riley"  A night oil is soothing and refreshing.


I've learned to keep hydrating and tightening eye pads in my arsenal.  I have tight eyes and I get puffing easily while traveling.    This is helpful for me to look as refreshed as possible.  There are so many brands on the market.  Do your homework and find the ones that work for you.  These are found at "Sephora" $5? 


This is a great cleansing oil.  I am currently using "Caudalie" cleansing oil.  I like them both equally.  I was unable to find a travel size version of the "Caudalie"  "Clinique" is an all-time favorite and a trusty option to have on hand.  I have used a cleansing oil for 2 years and I find that I have not cleaned thoroughly if I don't start with an pre-cleaners 1st.


Sleeping Mask.  I am a huge fan of "Dr. Jart" sleeping mask. but I could not find a travel size at my "Sephora" however I have sampled this product and found it to be a cool sleeping mask too.  But so far my favorite is "Dr. Jart"