The Youthful Neck

Is It Tech Neck Or Aging?!...


I have never paid so much attention to my neck.  There is so much talk about tech neck: but I wonder if plain ole simple aging and neglecting our necks over the years is actually the culprit.

 I don't remember hearing my grandmother talk about caring for our necks.  She mentioned it but not really??? My great-grandmother was an advocate for protecting our skin from the sun.  She would try to make me carry a parasol (umbrella). LOL!  She would say that the sun was bad for our skin and hair.  Needless to say, I walked around as a "copper/sandy brown redhead" as a kid because I would not listen and take cover from the sun.

 I am seeking to age gracefully.  I believe that this is possible for me for several reasons; 1. my gene pool suggest this is possible and 2. the things I know today about skincare, details and learned lessons that were not available to my grandmothers.  I have one grandmother living and she is in her late 80's? and she looks amazing.  She would probably laugh at me if I were to send her a basket full of beauty products to try! LOL!  I can see her face now! LOL!!!  The elder black women of my family did not practice the bad habits of today.  No smoking, drinking or going to bed with their makeup on.  They kept their beauty practices minimal and simple.  The black beauties in my family practiced clean skin, moisturized skin and covering the skin from the harsh sun.  Simple and not a lot of makeup.

There are soooo many beauty products on the market and quite a few options for those of us now paying attention to the skin on our necks...


Dr. Jart is a favorite of mine.  The price points are very reasonable and the products work.  I love every item that I've tried by Dr. Jart so far.


Vitamin C is so important to me.  I always use vitamin C on my skin.  This product is so effective on my skin.  It leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and moisturized.  There are many other benefits as well.  I also spread my face products to my neck and declatage. 


A Few  Cool Tools...


$69  I heard so many things about this tool.  I want to try it too!


This little toy is $159  It's specifically for the neck and face.  Contouring the face and neck to slow down sagging?!


$69  I'm all about a good pillow.  Neck care (spinal) is vital in my life.  This age delaying pillow sounds like a winner to me.


 I 1st learned about strivectin in "2002" when I worked for Nordstrom in the cosmetics dept.  Those were the days!  I am a fan.  This product is on the pricier side but I believe worth every dime $75


My great-grandmother on my mother's side.  This beautiful lady is my grandfather's mother.  She has been the biggest influence in my life.  She is my mother's father's; mother.  Gey it?! 


My great-grandmother's daughter and my grandfather's sister. Mother and Daughter

I can't find photos of my mother's mother and my father's mother. Stay tuned.