The Sparkle in Her Eyes

The Sparkle in Her Eyes

Windows to What?...

I think that my eyes are one of my best assets; Thank God for my eyes.  Taking care of your eyes and the very fragile skin around your eyes is vital for sustaining a youthful appearance.  It's funny how life works.  When I was a kid spending my summers in New Bern, North Carolina, I was teased about the shape of my eyes.  One little girl called me a "china doll".  This should have felt like a compliment but the delivery was meant to make me feel as if this name was bad.  I remember telling my great grandmother about the name calling while crying and vowing to never go outside again; she smiled and asked me what was wrong with being called a "china doll"?  She continued to remind me that a "china doll" is beautiful with beautiful eyes.  A light came on and I had what "Oprah" calls an "aha" moment.  Ever since then I learned to "HEAR" the efforts made by an insult to be exactly what it is; an attempt to make you believe a lie about yourself; a distraction from the truth.  In this case; the truth is another person admiring what they see but has not yet found the courage to acknowledge and appreciate. 

 I started paying close attention to the skin around my eyes at the age of 40 when I discovered that I needed reading glasses.  LOL!  But I didn't get serious about eye creams until recently, "2014"?  Now I want to try them all.  Clinique is so far one of my favorites.  Especially "all about eyes"  This little pot is loaded with product and really sticks to the skin and nurtures the skin around the eye.  I will probably always fall back to this one.  The price point is far more reasonable than most and I feel like this one works for me and what I'm looking for in an eye cream thus far.   There are others that are nice to have on hand for hydrating the skin and plumping the area where lines tend to dig deep.  Personally, I don't think that I am trying to prevent lines from appearing on my skin but, simply allow the lines to grow gracefully.          


These are my current faves and the most cost-effective brands that I currently know.  Clinique is the brand that my mother started me on at the age of 15.  I always seem to have a little "Clinique care" in my arsenal. The price of "all about eyes" $32.50  "Pep-start" eye cream $26.50

"First Aide Beauty" I only used this eye product once.  I don't have any negative reviews but I also don't have a review.  I don't remember the effects on my eye area.  This eye roller did not cause harm I just don't know what effects it had at all.  


This was useful.  I love the deputing tool.  Especially if you cool the product first.  I think that I like the metal rollerball the most.  I also used this product in partnership with "all about eyes".  I will have to try the product on its own in order to give a full and accurate assessment.  $32.50   There are so many eye creams on the market, brands like "Tata Harper"; so out of my price range, but I want to try a sample.  


$98 for this little bottle.  I want to see what it's "all about".  I've heard great things about this eye product.  Whenever I get the opportunity to try it, I will let you know what I discovered.    

More great gift ideas for mom.  Moms work so hard and try there best and the wear and tear shows-up in the EYES first.  Help mom feel pampered this Mother's Day and replace the "Sparkle in Her Eyes" 


Happy Mother's Day "savvy luxe" family and Thank You for your support!