A Beautiful Job...


When I became a parent I immediately fell in love.  A love that is so powerful.  When I held my first child in my arms for the first time I was amazed!  I couldn't believe the honor bestowed upon me.  I was so grateful for the blessing in my arms. I believed that I was special.  A beautiful baby boy stared back at me.  He was here, in the world and I was completely responsible for his everything.  I valued him more than myself.  Then God blessed me with another baby boy.  He too is amazing.  He was so alert and focused on looking at me the very moment he was born.  I have a photo of him focusing on me.  Then God said Yes to another baby boy.  I couldn't believe it most days as I awoke to these amazing little people.  I was so proud and I thought I had the best baby boys in the world.  LOL!!!

A few years later...  

I remarried.  God blessed me again.  A beautiful baby girl.  I could not believe my heart.  How was it possible to feel the same amount of love for all 4 babies?  It is because of GOD!  I could not imagine my life without my children.  I am thankful every day.  The three boys are adults now and my girl is in her first year of high school.  Time went too fast.  My daughter is growing up equally fast.  We spend a lot of time together.  She will be a big part of my stories and post.  In fact, this post will show just how much my day revolves around her, around parenting.  This post will introduce my daughter and future post to come as well as how I parent.  Meet  my savvy girl, Destiny