"Distractions" are all around me.

 I have become sensitive to distractions!  I never used to be.  I find myself worrying more than I used to.  I am aware of the attempts against me to cause distractions.  One of my biggest distractions, my children.  I am a mother of grownup children.  Although they are not children they are my babies.  I never knew that I would find myself worrying this way.  The world is a scary place and it's not safe enough for my babies.  I have 4 babies.  3 grown up boys and a baby girl still underage.  I am a praying woman.  I believe in God.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!  As a woman of faith, I know that I am not supposed to worry.  Because of my faith, I pray.  I know that God is in control!  I Know that I have to keep my focus on God so that I am not distracted with worry.  I have learned that my daily prayers and sometimes throughout the day, prayers are required in the life of a person of faith.  I am highly favored by the Lord and I know this is a fact.  God has given me an assignment while here on earth and there are so many distractions in the world, if I'm not careful and watchful of my precious time, I will be the only one responsible for hindering or delaying Gods plans for my life and interfering with my gifts coming to pass.


I fix my "Distractions" with daily morning DEVOTIONS.  Most mornings before I do anything I do a women's devotion.  I really enjoy this quiet time in the morning just me and my Savior.  My devotions preps me for the day ahead.  I am grounded and reminded of who I am and Who is the only, "I AM"    


My BABIES are my most precious gifts.  I am so honored that GOD thought so much of me that He chose me to be a mom to these people.  They grew up so fast!  Too fast!  I know without a doubt the Lord is with me guiding me and instructing me on my parenting.  I know that God blessed me with these children for one lifetime.  My children belong to God and I have to give them back to HIM.  My children are HIS!  This is the comfort that gives me peace.  This peace of mind helps me to recognize "distractions' concerning my babies.  This is when I remember to pray.

The Boys, those smiles, those faces!  Neaman, Miles, and Julian

The Boys, those smiles, those faces!

Neaman, Miles, and Julian

The Baby Girl, that smile, that face!  Destiny

The Baby Girl, that smile, that face!


My Family is a blessing.  I always wanted a family of my own.  GOD blessed me with more than I could have ever dreamed!  

Portland, Oregon "2004"

Portland, Oregon "2004"