The Holidays Are Here...

My favorite time of the year…

I absolutely love Christmas, the shopping and the decor. The people and the energy from the rush of meeting the December 25th deadline. I’m a NYC girl and no other city matches Christmas time like New York City. I’m looking forward to my 1st L.A. Christmas!

Decorating my new space for Christmas is a challenge this year because most of my holiday decor has been misplaced and lost by the movers. I am so sad about it, 30 years of collecting ornaments from friends and family and my babies handmade Christmas crafts. Babies 1st Christmas ornaments, Lost Christmas mantel stockings, Wreaths; the list is long. Some decorations that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. I always loved opening up my collection each year and remembering Christmas’ past. I’m so sad! I am officially starting all over.

Currently shopping for new ornaments…

1st stop “Pottery Barn” is one of my favorite stores to shop, especially for Christmas Decor…