A Busy Momma...

We Have Hit The Ground Running…

I’ve been so busy running my daughter around town for everything, I have forgotten about me. My daughter is one of the main reasons that we fought so hard to move to the LA area. We are so proud of her. However, I have to keep hold of myself too. Many of her interest are mine. I’m so busy giving away all of me that I forget to save some for myself. I have a neglected blog and YouTube channel. I have no income. WHEW!… I have so much passion about everything that pertains to me; this includes my family. I have to remember to separate my passions into categories. I am trying to make sure that I carve out a piece of me for me. With that said, heres the latest…

Destiny is currently training with a movement coach. The focus is dance but, a movement coach also challenges you to move well and seamlessly in most environments. For example:

auditions, interviewing, being on stage, presence, energy, ACTING, communicating in every aspect of entertaining.

Destiny works approximately every week. She auditions every week. She can be on hold every week. We receive casting notices all day long with possible matches. We are hustling.

We are loving it!!!!

Hope everyone had a great and Blessed Thanksgiving!


A Busy Daughter


Meeting new people!! She has met so many folks. We don’t generally ask for a picture, LOL!!!


A happy girl!!!


Taking a break to travel back east(home) to say Happy Birthday to my dear father-in-law. Happy 90th Birthday, dad!!!

Travel Mode: one piece/knit jumper from Nordstrom Rack. Booties: Marc Fisher Nordstrom Rack. Faux leather bomber: an olde from Ross.


Dance, Dance, Dance


Movement Coach EbonyTye


After an entire day of dance and getting her butt kicked, she is still smiling!


Work Day…


Work Day, script in hand


My comfy and no fuss fashion while running my daughter around town.

#OOTD: T-shirt Dress and Booties


Feeding the meter, Millennium Dance school in the Background


This moment is based on the urge to get to Nordstrom where Nick Jonas is meeting and greeting for $250 a person. Needless to say, we did not meet him personally. However, Destiny was glad to be in the room. LOL!!!